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In love with opera

When the Manoel Theatre opened in Valletta in 1732 it was to provide the general Maltese public at the time with “honest entertainment.”

Opera has always held a special place in our hearts, our culture and society. Throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries, our demand for opera and operetta boomed as we embraced what had previously been entertainment reserved solely for the Knights and Nobility.

In fact, Malta can boast of a documented musical heritage dating as far back as the twelfth century, far earlier than the Knights – and long before the Manoel Theatre and later the Royal Opera House presented the Maltese with the stage and talent to indulge their love for opera.

And although today it competes with popular musical genres and entertainment, our love for opera has certainly not dimmed. In our case, it gave birth to a dream – Malta Opera.

Malta Opera is unique. It is a professional collaborative opera initiative bringing together Maltese singers, experienced and professional management, artistic production, and an internationally-renowned conductor with long-standing connections with Malta.

Malta Opera is the stage for us today to provide our society and communities with the enduring and beautiful aspects of the opera art form featuring and promoting our home-grown talent.

Our Vision

The well-known and traditionally deeply-rooted Maltese infatuation with opera has shone spotlights on our home-grown talent. From global superstars like Oreste Kirkop and Joseph Calleja, to international established singers like Miriam Gauci, Lydia Caruana and Antoinette Miggiani, we are always so proud of what they achieved.

We now have a whole new cohort of talented opera singers following significant international professional operatic careers including: (alphabetically) Charles Buttigieg, Nico Darmanin, Claire Debono, Clare Ghigo, Marvic Monreal, Nicola Said and Cliff Zammit Stevens.

And there are many more great Maltese voices with exceptional promise among the opera students studying at home and abroad.

It is an indisputable fact that Malta has the home-grown talent required to mount full opera productions the equal of anything you would see or hear globally.

That is why our vision and dream is to grow the company and have world class operatic productions assembling Maltese talent from around the world. We will also be developing exchanges with international opera singers, productions and companies

Our Mission

The Maltese Islands are brimming with untapped musical talent that we cannot fully appreciate due to the lack of opportunities available.  Instead our performers do us proud, honing their talent and performing in productions abroad to international acclaim. Many young singers leave Malta to follow their dreams abroad, with little hope of returning to Malta to engage in a full-time performance career.

Educating and developing these emerging voices through masterclasses is what lies at the heart of the Malta Opera mission. We want to share our learning and experience with future generations to keep nurturing and supporting exceptional Maltese singers.

It is also in our mission that we promote Maltese talent and develop emerging Maltese stars.

In our performances, the Maltese singer and performer will always be our first priority.

We will create opportunities for Maltese Opera Singers by putting on multi-disciplinary concerts and opera scenes productions.

We will make opera more accessible to audiences everywhere, exploring ways to bring opera alive through technology and emerging media.

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